PT Office and Residential Moving is a private Norman Movers that specialize in offering both residential and office moving company. We take pride in the fact that we have managed to successfully move over ten thousands clients to their new homes and offices and received a positive review from them.


Here are some of the simple things that make us special and different from the local movers that you know that charge an arm and a leg.

Awesome Staff

Unlike other moving companies, we are a family that works together to make sure that at the end of the day both parties, that is us the service providers and the clients are happy of what we offer to them. We do this by holding interactive meetings that enable us to understand what the clients really want and how we can coin the package to suit their needs.

Great Prices

We are aware of the fact that there are thousands of people who are unable to move with ease and enjoy the process due to the hefty prices that some of the moving companies charge. We are different from them in that our services are fairly priced. We have set up an awesome system that we use to generate quotes for our clients. It is also nice for us to point out at this point that the price quote is comprehensive. That is, you will not be ordered to pay an extra penny for the service.

Awesome Packing Materials and Guidance

The packing materials that we use are made from some of the best materials in the world. This enables us to transport the clients items safely to the new destination. The cartons will be labelled to ease the process of unpacking and organizing your new premises. In addition, you can return the cartons to our premises to get a discount on your next move. We also go an extra step and give you someone to guide you as you pack the items.

New Advanced Moving Trucks and Tools

You can always tell the quality of the moving services offered by a particular company based on the type of equipment that they use. We have invested in a fleet of new and advanced moving trucks that we use daily to transport our clients to their destinations. In addition, we have a set of advanced tools that we use for this same purpose.

Security Measures

WE would hate to see you lose some of your items during the move. As a result, we have set up measures to make sure that your safety is not left to chance. For example, the trucks have tracking systems that we use to know if they are on the right route. The tracking system can also be used to find your location and the new house in a fly.

Call our well reputed customer care team for more information about this and other great local moving services that we offer. You can never go wrong when you commit a project to an expert!