About PT Movers



We first want to express our sincere gratitude for you have chosen us as you preferred office and residential mover. PT Office and Residential Moving company is an online moving company that is geared toward redefining how moving services are offered in the world.

Unlike other companies that are offering moving services, we have a real website that is actually monitored by our staff members to ensure that we do not mess up the whole process of you moving out. We are also actively involved in online marketing and social media marketing. Our Facebook page is actually live and you can use it to ask us questions regarding the services that we offer.

We have also set up an emergency moving service team that as the name suggests is tasked with the mandate of helping our clients to get to their destinations in a hurry. For instance, if you have to move to a new house for security reasons and you do not want to raise eyebrows in your area, we have a special team that can make your dream come true. We will work with you under the shade of the night or during the day to make sure that no body knows that you actually moved apart from the people who need to know.

Finally, the local moving services online that we offer are quite affordable no matter how you look at it. Therefore, you are almost sure that we will satisfy your desire to more with the least problems.